Bridal Makeup Consultations

Makeup is one of the most important investments for a bride next to her dress.  Brides want to look their best and timeless for their big day!  It’s very important that a bride selects a Professional Makeup Artist and completes a makeup trial.   A makeup trial can be easy for some and for others it can be quite challenging; reason being, often brides aren’t sure of what exactly she’s looking for or what to expect from the consultation.  Our Bridal Consultation is paced and intimate, giving clients a fully informative and relaxing beauty experience.  This is the time to try different looks and better understand professional makeup application versus your everyday makeup routine. For your convenience we offer in-studio and on-site makeup consultations.

Makeup Lessons

Do you have a special event coming up or simply desire a little extra attention from your Pro Makeup Artist, then welcome to your One-on-One Makeup Mentorship! Whether you are a makeup rookie or a color enthusiast, we can teach you the ideal makeup techniques for your face, eye and lip shape. We customize your lesson based on your personal taste and preferences – not our own. 

You can also choose from our many Focus Sessions- FOCUS (30mins) or FULL (60mins) lessons, this allows you to explore your creativity in the areas you feel you need improvement.  For your convenience we offer in-studio and on-site makeup consultations.

Makeup Kit Styling & Revamping

One of our personal favorites a.k.a ”The Super Woman” is perfect for the client that has a packed calendar, not to mention juggling mommy-chores and wifely duties. She has meetings to set and deals to make leaving very little time of her own for cosmetic refreshers. Therefore finding time to update her makeup is way too hard.  Taking a note from makeup guru Bobbi Brown, “Dump all of your make-up onto a table or the floor and arrange the make-up into the following categories: lips, cheeks, eyes, skin. This way you’ll be able to see what you have too much of and what you’ll need to complete your beauty kit.

Personal Shopper

Are you totally turned off at the thought of going to the department store makeup counter or are you confused as to what foundation shade, lipstick color or concealer to buy? You’re not alone; let us help you figure it out! We would go with you to the makeup store to visit all the different counters and help you pick which products and shades would work best for your individual skin type and coloring.

Makeup Artist Development

Do you have a knack for choosing what color lipstick or eye shadow would look good on a person or what foundation compliments her wardrobe and complexion? Make-up artists design and apply makeup to actors, presenters and models, and for special occasions such as bridal parties. We also work for cosmetic companies applying makeup, advising customers about the most suitable products and selling products. MUAs may be involved in preparing skin for makeup, applying makeup, giving advice about makeup, maintaining makeup during photo/film shoots, and liaising with hairdressers about hairstyles and makeup. We may also use makeup to produce special effects such as ageing or injuries (bruises and scars) or for specialized characters in a movie. Needless to say, the scope of makeup artistry is boundless! At Faces By Seven we will help you identify your makeup strengths and further develop your makeup weaknesses.

Artist Development

Whether you’re an established artist or you’re fostering a budding new career in the entertainment industry, public persona should be at the forefront of every artist’s mind.  The financial climate in the entertainment industry has change dramatically over the years. Now a days artist have to be the full package before they even sign a deal, as major labels would rather endorse an independent artist than develop a new artist from scratch. At Faces By Seven we can help you get one step closer to success by streamlining the image that you present to the world.