OPI Powder Nails

OPI Powder Nails – FAQs That Could Clear Various Doubts And Misgivings

Women and glamor are like two sides of the same coin, inseparable from each other. Nails, being one of the most visible parts of our body, require a lot of attention when it comes to beautification and glamor. You have various choices to beautify your nails, like gel polish, acrylic jobs, and dip powder manicures. You also have excellent products like OPI nail colors and others to give you the dream nails you look forward to exhibiting on social media handles.

These factors add to your overall glamor quotient, but one cannot ignore that women are the most curious people on this planet. They always seem to have a lot of doubts about almost everything. Here are some FAQs concerning OPI powder nails and why they constitute the best option for women today to enhance their beauty to a different level.

What Is OPI Dip Powder Color?

Dipping powder manicure is a nail manicure technique patronized by a significant proportion of women globally. OPI dip powder color is a leading brand of dipping powder available on the market today, and many people refer to it simply as OPI powder nails.

Anyway, this dipping powder manicure is a polish-free way of having durable, non-chipping color on your nails and enhance your beauty. It is a synthetic powder that is applied to your nail as a polishing ingredient.

An exciting range of colors is available to enhance your beauty quotient. All nail salons offer this manicure as part of their services. However, you can also apply dip powder at home.

How Do You Apply Dip Powder Color To The Nails?

The procedure is a simple one because it does not matter whether you are left-handed or right-handed. It does not make any difference. The procedure involves preparing the nails for the job. The preparation includes filing and buffing your nails to make it convenient to proceed with the procedure.

The application starts with a basecoat that is essential for binding the powder to the nail surface. It is better to apply a single basecoat; otherwise, it could affect the adhesion of dipping powder to the base.

The next step is to apply the dip powder to the basecoat. You can do so by dipping your nails into OPI dip colors. Alternatively, you can sprinkle dip powder on the nails. The objective is to cover the entire nail with a uniform layer of dip powder color. If there is any excess powder, you can remove the same using a brush.

The activator gel application is the next step of the procedure, followed by the topcoat application. This procedure does not require curing under the UV lamp as you do so with gel polish. The topcoat dries almost immediately.

How Are OPI Powder Nails Different From Gel Polish?

The primary difference between gel polish and a dipping powder manicure is that the latter does not need to use a UV lamp for curing the polish. UV rays can harm your skin if you expose them to the light for extended periods. In the case of dip powder, there is no involvement of any polish. Hence, there is no question of drying the polish under the UV lamp. Thus, the dipping powder procedure does not harm your nails or skin.

How Long Does The Dip Powder Manicure Last?

Dip powder manicures can last comfortably for as long as three to four weeks. The only factor inhibiting its longevity is the nail’s natural growth. If you take due care of your nails, a dip powder manicure can last for more than four weeks.

Why Is It An Advantageous Procedure?

As dipping powder does not contain harmful ingredients, they are safe for your nails and skin. Besides, you do not expose your nails to ultraviolet radiation. OPI powder nails do not chip or fall off easily. They do not chip off even if you have the habit of biting your nails. However, this habit is not a desirable one to have.

How Do You Remove Dip Powder Manicure?

The procedure of removing dipping powder from your nails is easy. Though it can be tempting to file off the powder, it is not advisable. You could damage your nails, and it could take a long time to recover.

The ideal way to remove dipping powder is to soak your nails in acetone for about half an hour. Alternatively, you can place cotton balls dipped in acetone solution on the nails and secure them with an aluminum foil. After a soak for half-an-hour, the powder falls off automatically.

How Much Does A Dip Powder Manicure Cost?

The only drawback of a dip powder manicure is its cost. Depending on the nail salon you visit, the cost of a dip manicure can vary. However, it is worth the cost because of its durability and glamor quotient.


Do these FAQs satisfy your queries? If so, you should not waste any time to get the best OPI powder nails and showcase them on your social media channels.