Why You Need An Authentic Brand For Your Nails

Why You Need An Authentic Brand For Your Nails

A good brand of nail polish has more benefits besides beauty. A board dermatologist and nail care specialist, Dr. Dana Stern, explains: “ Nail polish prevents water from being absorbed and therefore can be protective…it also binds the nail cells together, so nails are less likely to fray or split.”

When choosing nail products, always select brands that provide a clean beauty environment. Identify brands that use environment-friendly ingredients such as the unrivaled new OPI gel colors, which contain supplements like calcium sodium borosilicate and nitrocellulose.

Genuine nail polish has a great ability to repair and restore bad nails. It protects the nails from absorbing water and becoming weak, and from external trauma such as slamming a door and your fingers.

In this article, you will recognize a number of harmful ingredients incorporated in fake brands of nail polish. You will also see the beneficial ingredients found in genuine brands. Finally, we will reveal to you an authentic brand that stands out from the rest.

Harmful Elements To Avoid In Nail Care Products

The European Union has banned certain chemicals in the manufacture of nail care products. These ingredients are either harmful when inhaled, or they may provoke long-term complications. The five most common banned chemicals are:


Colophonium is found in spruce and pine trees. The sticky nature of this substance is attractive to manufacturers of nail products. The substance is however a strong allergen compound associated with dermatitis and respiratory problems.

Triphenyl Phosphate (TPHP)

In nail polish, TPHP is blended to improve its durability and flexibility. This ingredient is closely linked to endocrine and reproductive irregularities.


Formaldehyde is a preservative with multiple uses including preserving dead bodies. In developing societies, the chemical is blacklisted in the making of illicit liquor. In nail polish, it guards against bacterial growth; the component is capable of triggering allergic reactions like nausea and severe headache.


Silicone is useful in speeding up the drying process of nail polish. This is the same substance used in holding glass together in the making of aquariums. The non-biodegradable chemical is unsafe for human use.


Experts warn that tiny amounts of xylene can cause dizziness and headache. The chemical is fit for the manufacture of petroleum products. Other ingredients you need to watch out for in a brand are: toluene, parabens, camphor, and dibutyl phthalate.

How To Identify Clean Nail Polish

Nail polish comes in grades ranging from ten-free, seven-free, to three-free. The “free” article refers to the amount of dangerous chemicals the product does not contain. For instance, a 3-free brand shows that it does not contain the notorious three, namely formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and toluene.

A 10-free brand like OPI gel color excludes all the toxic mentioned in the previous section. The OPI gel colors also leave out parabens capable of causing reproductive harm. The new OPI gel colors under the Power of Hue Collection are a masterful place to experience. Here, you have a bewildering array of gel polish colors including Explorer Blue, Raindrop, Teaberry, and Lark Green.

Every OPI product is designed with a health-conscious approach. The Power of the Hue Collection also features gel polish and matching nail lacquer duo sets. Under this, you will discover rare colors like majestic violet, kazoo purple, fatherly lilac, Irresistible, and Sweet Apricot.

As clean nail polish, the new OPI gel colors contain harmless ingredients like sucrose acetate isobutyrate, citric acid and synthetic fluorphlogopite. The original formula is still long-lasting, and is fast-drying.

The Leading Brand In Nail Care Products

OPI Power of Hue Collection has various categories, each made of at least forty-eight shades. The Summer Breeze Collection includes shades like Yellow Coneflower, Daisy, Mulberry, Lupine, and Child-like gel polish. The vibrant color of OPI gel colors is not deceptive.

The polish is friendly to the nails and skin. A gel polish kit is also available to make the application and removal process easy. As a nail treatment agent, the new gel colors offer DND gel polish and matching nail lacquer. These too come in various shades including three stunning pinks: Paris Pink, Vanity Pink, and Pink Flamingo.

Beware that there are brands that contain organic halides. This article refrains from naming any one of the lethal brands presently in circulation. Organic halides are composed of substances like chlorine and bromine which can have an adverse effect on human health.


A seemingly innocuous activity like nail maintenance may become life-threatening is you land on a mediocre brand. Take time to discover trusted brands. It is meaningless to invest in beauty at the expense of heart or reproductive health. Check out the vast OPI Power of Hue Collection as a one-stop for all your nail care needs. OPI makes nail care safe and enjoyable.