Apply Acrylic Powder For Nails The Perfect Way

Apply Acrylic Powder For Nails The Perfect Way

No woman can ever ignore nail polish because they play a crucial part in enhancing her overall beauty quotient. While there are different types of nail polish available, such as dip powder, gel polish, nail varnish, etc., nail acrylic powder has its importance because of the wide variety of color, glitter, and shimmer it offers while enhancing the mood effect to a new level altogether. So, let us learn how to apply acrylic powder for nails the right way.

Points To Note When Applying Acrylic Powder On Your Nails

Acrylic powder is special because of the ease with which you can apply it. However, anyone can do it at home with a little bit of practice. Here is the simple procedure that every woman should know about acrylic powder.

Prepping Your Nails Is Critical

Before you start applying acrylic powder to your nails, preparing your nails for the job is crucial. This procedure involves trimming your nails and removing the debris from the nail surface. Next, smoothen out the edges or else they can lift the nail polish and damage the entire manicure. Finally, one should be careful when wiping the nail surface with acetone as it helps remove traces of any existing nail polish on your nail surface.

Decide Whether To Go For A Nail Tip Or Otherwise

One can apply nail acrylic in two ways. The common method is to apply the acrylic powder directly to your nails. Alternatively, you can decide to go for attaching a nail tip. The choice is entirely yours. However, you should take this decision immediately because the next steps in the procedure take you through different paths altogether.

Buff Away At The Nail Plate

Your nails could have some existing polish on them. It is essential to remove the traces and buff the nail surface to allow the acrylic powder to perfectly stick to the nail base. Once you remove the shine, you can apply the nail bond and primer to the entire nail to prevent the nail polish from lifting after the application. It ensures a thorough nail job.

Choose Your Nail Polish Colors Carefully

Now, you are ready to apply acrylic powder for nails. The first step is to choose your nail polish color carefully and roll the jar properly to allow the powder to disperse properly. Otherwise, the powder could end up as ugly clumps that could damage the manicure. Dispersing the powder properly ensures that the distribution is evenly spread over the nail surface.

Use The Nail Brush Properly To Spread The Powder

Use a clean and dry brush to apply the monomer. You should ensure to dip the brush into the monomer and shake off the excess powder before you start applying the acrylic powder on your nails. Burping the brush is essential to ensure that the liquid sits at the edge. Now, you can proceed with laying the brush tip into the acrylic powder surface and gather enough powder to apply on the entire nail in a single application.

Ensure That The Powder Has A Glossy Feel

Once you have the acrylic powder on the brush, you should ensure that it has a completely glossy appearance before you place it on the nail. Leave a hairline gap near the cuticles to ensure that the powder does not go into the grooves. Use simple strokes and move towards the free edge of the nail. You can tap the brush into the monomer liquid to ensure a smooth application if required. Besides increasing pliability, it allows for a smooth finish. Finally, it also ensures cutting down on the filing time and makes the nail polish job look as perfect as possible.

Allow The Acrylic To Dry Completely

The acrylic polish should dry out completely before you are through with the job. You can ensure it by tapping the end of your nail brush on the nail. If you get a clicking sound, your nail polish is dry. Drying the polish is critical to avoid smudges on your nail surface that could make it look unpleasant.

File Your Nails And Ensure A Smooth Finish

After drying the nail acrylic powder, you should use a sterilized nail file or buffer to smooth out the nail surface. It ensures your nail has a glossy look without any crests or troughs on it. Now, your acrylic nail powder is ready to last for a minimum of two to three weeks comfortably. After that, you can apply cuticle oil to keep the surface looking glossy and attractive.

Final Thoughts

Now that your acrylic nails are ready, you can proudly display them to your friends and loved ones on social media and have a gala time. You will notice that acrylic powder is as attractive as the traditional gel or dip powder polish.