Different Types of Oils and Their Best Uses for Skin

Different Types of Oils and Their Best Possible Uses for Your Skin

Natural oils have a lot of benefits for the health and beauty of your skin. This is the reason they have been used in traditional skin care routines as well as the modern cosmetic industry. Their vast amount of advantages has made them popular in daily life use. In this article, we will discuss various types of oils and tips about how you can use them to achieve their maximum benefits. So let’s just wait no more and have a look at these.

Benefits of Oils

Given below, we have discussed some general benefits of oils. Along with that, some oils will also be recommended which you can use to achieve the particular benefits.


Moisturization is a characteristic of almost all the natural oils. They tend to soften up the dry skin and penetrate into the epidermis layer. In this way, skin remains soft and supple. One such option is coconut oil. If you look for different coconut oil brands for skin and apply them regularly, your skin will show a marked difference. Coconut oil also leaves a beautiful and sweet fragrance on your skin which gives a pleasant effect.


A lot of natural oils are rich in nourishing and nutritive ingredients. These oils give replenishment to the skin, preparing it for growth and new development of cells. Jojoba and castor oils are popular in this category. You can apply them overnight, massage them well and let them absorb into your skin. These give instant and promising results. (more…)

Apply Acrylic Powder for Nails the Perfect Way

Apply Acrylic Powder for Nails the Perfect Way

No woman can ever ignore nail polish because they play a crucial part in enhancing her overall beauty quotient. While there are different types of nail polish available, such as dip powder, gel polish, nail varnish, etc., nail acrylic powder has its importance because of the wide variety of color, glitter, and shimmer it offers while enhancing the mood effect to a new level altogether. So, let us learn how to apply acrylic powder for nails the right way.

Points to Note When Applying Acrylic Powder on Your Nails

Acrylic powder is special because of the ease with which you can apply it. However, anyone can do it at home with a little bit of practice. Here is the simple procedure that every woman should know about acrylic powder.

Prepping Your Nails Is Critical

Before you start applying acrylic powder to your nails, preparing your nails for the job is crucial. This procedure involves trimming your nails and removing the debris from the nail surface. Next, smoothen out the edges or else they can lift the nail polish and damage the entire manicure. Finally, one should be careful when wiping the nail surface with acetone as it helps remove traces of any existing nail polish on your nail surface. (more…)

Some Notes for Using Gel Nail Polish Kit at Home

Some Notes for Using Gel Nail Polish Kit at Home

As we all know, gel color nails are one of the most popular forms of nail beauty today for women. But so as to use gel colors polish or gel nail polish kits at home most effectively, you need to know and do it properly to ensure healthy and beautiful nails. Here are some notes that you should do when beautifying your nails.

Beautifying the nails with gel colors and using decorative motifs is a familiar thing for girls. However, similar to skin care, naive beauty without understanding the nature of the product, the form of nail styling as well as the condition of the nail and the type of nail will lead to bad consequences. In addition, there are also bad habits and ways of taking care of nails and feet that seem normal but have the potential to damage the health of the nails. This article will tell you what not to do and what to do to keep your nails and feet beautiful and healthy.

Keeping the nail color long-lasting, not cracking, not peeling can be done with the following secrets:

What You Should Do When Doing Your Own Nails at Home

Choose Gel Nail Polish Kits from Reputable Companies

High quality products always bring you guys high quality nail sets. That’s always the case, so you should be wise to choose and buy gel nail polish kit from the most prestigious brands such as: OPI, LDS, DND, SNS, Gelish. Because those companies have a longstanding reputation in the nail industry and the composition of their gel colors nail polish products will be non-toxic and will not damage your real nails even if you are inexperienced in making your own gel nail polish at home. (more…)

Korean Products and Why They Are a Part of Every Skincare Routine

Korean Products and Why They Are a Part of Every Skincare Routine

Korean products are very well recognized in the beauty and skincare world. Due to their high efficiency and effectiveness, they are being popularly used. They have a skincare product for almost every skin type. This vast inclusiveness makes them even more preferable among individuals.

Our team of expert dermatologists has analyzed the problem. After deep analysis, tests on different skins and using multiple skin care products, here is a complete informational guide about why you should also try using Korean products.

Why Korean products are popular and recommended by all experts

Here the question arises why these products got fame in such a short span of time? What was the reason that almost every influencer and expert started recommending their usage?

Well here are a few reasons for their high recommendations:

  1. Easy availability
  2. Vast compatibility
  3. Easy application
  4. Chemical and additive free products
  5. Cruelty free
  6. Nature based vegan products
  7. Safe for sensitive skin
  8. Match all skin tones

What type of products they offer

The Korean skin industry provides products for almost every skin requirement. Here are a few famous products they provide.

Exfoliators & nourishing products

Korean products have an excellent collection of exfoliators and nourishing products. This is particularly useful for dry skin. Most of the Korean beauty products are enriched with natural oils that readily absorb in the skin without leaving behind any excessive oil marks.

Korean products are made both for day and night. If you are too busy during the day and do not have much time to take care of your skin, Korean skin care night cream is one of the products you cannot ignore. It is ideal to provide you with nourishment throughout the night. You’ll wake up with fresh and healthy skin in the morning. (more…)

How to Remove OPI Gel Polish

How to Remove OPI Gel Polish

Are you obsessed with all OPI gel colors like we are? Who doesn’t love a shiny, glossy, and long-lasting manicure? Besides the perfect manicure, the OPI gel-color manicure is also the ultimate fashion statement that makes your nails pop and becomes the center of attention.

Suppose this is the first time you are using an OPI nail polish set for a beautiful DIY manicure. In that case, you might be wondering about the potential damage that OPI gel manicure can cause to the nails. While the OPI gel manicure application process is easy, one has to be careful about the removal process.

Before we dive into the simple yet mandatory OPI gel polish removal process, you should know that the potential damage to the nails is not caused by all OPI gel colors. Still, it has a lot to do with a failed removal process.

How to remove OPI gel polish the right way

Step 1: Break the Seal of the Nails

To remove the OPI gel polish, you must break the seal of each nail. We recommend using the 240-file of OPI EDGE to file your manicured nails’ free edge and sidewalls. Subsequently, use the Expert Touch Removal Wraps after saturating them with the Expert Touch Lacquer Remover.

After the pads have been fully saturated, proceed to wrap the pads over each fingernail. If you want to remove the OPI gel nail polish faster, we recommend placing the Expert Touch Salon Mitts over each of your hands. Afterward, cover each of your hands with a towel that will add to the heat. Allow your fingernails to soak in the remover for 15 minutes.

Step 2: Remove Mitts & Wraps

After the 15 minutes have passed, proceed to remove the mitts that were used to accelerate the OPI gel removal process. While removing the OPI removing wraps, use slight pressure and apply twisting motion. You will see that the OPI gel has been lifted if not fully removed. (more…)

Tips for Choosing Gelixir Polish Colors

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Gelixir Polish Colors for Your Nails

Nails play a critical role in defining your overall beauty. A well-manicured nail with the right shade of polish can accentuate your personality to the highest degree. However, it requires much research to know which color suits you the best. Various factors come into play, like your skin tone, outfit, the occasion, and so on. Even the shape of your hands can be critical. For example, if you possess short fingers, you would not like to have a shade that makes them look even more stumpy. You would prefer them to look elongated. This blog takes you through the entire Gelixir polish colors choosing process to make you stand out from the crowd.

Tips for Choosing Gelixir Polish Colors for Your Nails

Your skin tone defines your choice

If a particular shade suits Jennifer Lawrence, that does not mean it will suit you, as well. Your skin tone plays a crucial role. If you are a fair-skinned woman, you will rock with deep colors like red, violet, and dark green. Medium skin tones carry the nude shades beautifully. In contrast, the lighter colors like yellow and white look great on people with dark skin. Choose the color that suits your skin. The Gelixir color chart can prove handy in this respect. (more…)

How to Protect Your Tattoo While Tanning

How to Protect Your Tattoo While Tanning + Post Spray Tan Care

When the weather is warm—filled with fluorescent sunshine and the beautiful essence of flowers—going out is inevitable. If you have recently got a tattoo, then you have to be extra cautious about going out because of the increasing impact of ozone layer depletion and UV rays.

However, you don’t want any of that to ruin your summer experience and stop you from getting on that bronzy glow while flaunting your tattoo!

Use a Good Tanning Lotion

Sun rays can make your tattoo diminish over time. To prevent this from happening to the stunning piece of art on your body, you should use good-quality tanning lotions for tattoos.

These lotions not only protect you from skin damage due to the sun but also help to moisturize your skin and keep it hydrated and glowing.

Ingredients That Makes a Good Tanning Lotion


Beeswax has beneficial anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that can boost the skin while healing from sun damage after tanning. Inflammation around the tattoo can cause it to fade, and beeswax can help to stop that.


Free radicals are present everywhere in the body and can cause tissue damage. These radicals can be present on the skin as well but can be reduced by antioxidants. Raspberry is known to have a high quantity of antioxidants that can also curtail and repair any damage resulting from harmful UV rays.

Aloe Vera

Reputed for being one of the most soothing skin healing ingredients, aloe vera can offer serious moisturizing and anti-inflammatory benefits to tanned skin. This is one of the best ingredients present in tanning lotion for tattoos. (more…)

Kiara sky dip nails

Kiara Sky Dipping Powder – Easy to Master and Attractive at the Same Time

Applying nail polish on your nails is an art, especially if you do it yourself at home. Generally, people visit the nail salon for a gel manicure because the technicians are experienced enough to do a perfect job. However, in times of the pandemic, women prefer to have a manicure at home. Under such circumstances, you have to be ambidextrous. The best alternative is to go for a dipping powder job. The dipping powder manicure is easier to master than the gel polish job. Let us see how to get the perfect dipping powder manicure.

Get your things in order

It is better to have your things in order before you start the dipping powder job. It is always advisable to use the best products available on the market, like Kiara Sky dipping powder nails. Besides, you need the following ingredients for a perfect Kiara Sky nails manicure:

  • A sterilized nail file and buff
  • An empty bowl
  • Dipping powder of your color choice
  • Appropriate basecoat and topcoat application
  • Activator gel
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Cuticle oil

Prepare your nails for the job

You have a nail manicure to look attractive. Hence, it becomes necessary to prepare your nails for the dipping powder job. Use a sterilized nail cutter and file to bring the nails to the desired shape. Smooth out the edges to avoid peeling of the nail polish layer, thereby enhancing its longevity. (more…)

Different Kinds of Blemish Can Conceal by Using Makeup

Different Kinds of Blemish You Can Conceal by Using Makeup to Achieve Flawless Look

We all have different kinds of flaws when it comes to the face, and that is why we opt for makeup as a helping hand most of the time. But it is not just the face. You can use your makeup to hide something. You can even cover various marks or anything unwanted that you want to hide on your body.

We may all put into some situations where we are sometimes insecure about a scar, or we just want to look flawless from every aspect. In a situation like this, makeup can be your savior. I will share different flaws that can be hidden, possibly using makeup.


Nowadays, when most young people have tattoos on, some people, especially the older ones, may not like the idea of having a tattoo. You may don’t want to get into an argument always or just want to avoid any extra attention. The tattoo concealer waterproof can be an option for you to consider.

If your tattoo is somewhere that can be hidden easily using clothes then you are already good to go, but if not, you can use makeup to cover them. (more…)

Buy DND Nails Polish

Compelling Reasons to Buy DND Nails Polish

No one can deny that nail polish enhances the overall beauty and makes a woman look presentable for every occasion. However, are nail polishes safe to use? Do they have carcinogens or other harmful pollutants in them? Does inhaling nail polish fumes cause medical problems? What are the first aid measures to take if there is accidental contact with nail polish? What are the ideal fire-fighting standards to follow? Such questions persist and need answers.

Let us see how DND nails are among the safest brands to purchase and the measures one can take to avoid unnecessary incidents.

Why buy DND Nails Polish?

When you buy DND gel polish, you are assured of absolute safety measures. No one questions the product’s efficiency in providing women with the most attractive nails they can ever dream of having. However, one should know that DND nail polish does not contain any toxic ingredients that can harm your health. (more…)