Some Notes For Using Gel Nail Polish Kit At Home

Some Notes For Using Gel Nail Polish Kit At Home

As we all know, gel color nails are one of the most popular forms of nail beauty today for women. But so as to use gel colors polish or gel nail polish kits at home most effectively, you need to know and do it properly to ensure healthy and beautiful nails. Here are some notes that you should do when beautifying your nails.

Beautifying the nails with gel colors and using decorative motifs is a familiar thing for girls. However, similar to skin care, naive beauty without understanding the nature of the product, the form of nail styling as well as the condition of the nail and the type of nail will lead to bad consequences. In addition, there are also bad habits and ways of taking care of nails and feet that seem normal but have the potential to damage the health of the nails. This article will tell you what not to do and what to do to keep your nails and feet beautiful and healthy.

Keeping the nail color long-lasting, not cracking, not peeling can be done with the following secrets:

What You Should Do When Doing Your Own Nails At Home

Choose Gel Nail Polish Kits From Reputable Companies

High quality products always bring you guys high quality nail sets. That’s always the case, so you should be wise to choose and buy gel nail polish kit from the most prestigious brands such as: OPI, LDS, DND, SNS, Gelish. Because those companies have a longstanding reputation in the nail industry and the composition of their gel colors nail polish products will be non-toxic and will not damage your real nails even if you are inexperienced in making your own gel nail polish at home.

Sanding Nails With Sponge Before Applying The Nail Primer And Gel Colors Polish

Sanding your nails will help even out the surface. The more even the surface of the nail, the harder it is for the paint to dry and peel. At the same time, this will create friction and increase the grip for the paint layer, helping the paint layer to stick more firmly and durable on your nails.

After sanding, you should use nail polish remover to clean it. This removes oil from the skin of the hands that clings to the surface of the nail – and excess oil can cause nail polish to not adhere firmly to the surface of the nail.

Use Nail Primer Before Applying Gel Colors Polish And Gel Top Coat After All

Primer on the bottom and top coat on top act as a protective, waterproof layer for the middle layer of gel nail polish colors. It helps gel nail polish to be more glossy and durable, limiting external influences from the environment and keeping the nail polish color fresh. You can repaint the gel top coat at home after about a week of applying nail polish in order to keep your nail sets shiny as always.

Apply Thin Layers

The thinner layer of the gel colors nail polish, the faster it dries and the stronger it is. If you apply a thick gel nail polish, it will be very difficult to dry. It is possible to get stuck in bubbles that you don’t notice when applying nail polish. When the layers of paint have not completely dried on top of each other, your nail color will be more prone to cracking and peeling.

Wait 2-3 Minutes Between Layers Of Gel Nail Polish

You always want to paint your nails as quickly as possible and can’t wait to have a new set of nails. But this haste will make your nails poor quality, not long lasting because when the layers of gel nail polish do not dry evenly or are not completely dry, your nails after completion will be very easy to peel off. The best way is to wait 2 to 3 minutes for the paint on your 10 fingers to dry completely. Of course, with good gel nail polish kits, it will dry faster than other gel colors. You only need about 60s under LED or 120s under UV lamp, the gel nail polish will dry completely.

Apply Gel Top Coat On The Tips And Edges Of The Nails

Many people only worry about applying the surface of their nails and forget an important thing that our nails have a certain thickness. The edge at the tip of the nail, if left unpainted, will be exposed and cause water to seep into the gel colors nail polish. You may not need to apply gel color on the tip of the nail, but the top coat is required.

Final Thought

Try to follow our instructions, you will surely get the expected results. Don’t forget to regularly take care of your hands and nails to be able to own beautiful and attractive nail sets without any problems!