Tips For Choosing The Perfect Gelixir Polish Colors For Your Nails1

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Gelixir Polish Colors For Your Nails

Nails play a critical role in defining your overall beauty. A well-manicured nail with the right shade of polish can accentuate your personality to the highest degree. However, it requires much research to know which color suits you the best. Various factors come into play, like your skin tone, outfit, the occasion, and so on. Even the shape of your hands can be critical. For example, if you possess short fingers, you would not like to have a shade that makes them look even more stumpy. You would prefer them to look elongated. This blog takes you through the entire Gelixir polish colors choosing process to make you stand out from the crowd.

Tips For Choosing Gelixir Polish Colors For Your Nails

Your Skin Tone Defines Your Choice

If a particular shade suits Jennifer Lawrence, that does not mean it will suit you, as well. Your skin tone plays a crucial role. If you are a fair-skinned woman, you will rock with deep colors like red, violet, and dark green. Medium skin tones carry the nude shades beautifully. In contrast, the lighter colors like yellow and white look great on people with dark skin. Choose the color that suits your skin. The Gelixir color chart can prove handy in this respect.

Your Attire Makes A Compelling Statement

Experts have divided opinions on this aspect of your personality. While some feel that the nail polish should match your outfit, you have many people opposing this viewpoint. However, the best advice is that you should trust your instincts more than anything else. If you feel that a specific color suits your dress, you should go with it. Some shades like reds, pinks, and light blue colors go well with all dresses.

Match Your Nail Polish Shade With Your Cosmetics

More than your attire, your nail polish should match your lipstick shade. While your lipstick color can draw everyone’s attention towards you, having well-manicured nails with a shade matching your lipstick, you can maintain the attention and make a cool fashion statement. You have an entire range of Gelixir polish to choose from when you sit down to match shades with your cosmetics.

Do Not Lose Sight Of The Trends

The current fashion trends determine the nail polish shade you choose to wear. A look at some of the fashion shows on television should give you an idea of what the trends are today. The best aspect of it all is that the Gelixir color chart can help you find a hue that works for you and tune with the current trends. You have a fantastic range of pinks, reds, purples, blues, and many more to suit your tastes.

The Occasion Matters A Lot

Choosing the perfect color for the occasion is critical as the wrong shade can damage the show altogether. For example, you cannot have flashy hues when attending a job interview. Similarly, black shades are a strict NO during a wedding ceremony. You can go for some universal shades like the reds or metallic hues like gold, silver, or bronze. These colors suit almost every occasion.

Choose Your Shade According To The Season

Every season has its preferences when it comes to choosing nail polish colors. The winter season beckons you to pull out the darker shades from the closet, whereas the sunny summers like you to have bright shades. The spring season is the best because you can experiment with various hues and pretty pastels. You can reserve the metallic colors for autumn. In short, choosing the right shade for the season can make you look prettier.

Know What Colors To Avoid

It can be tricky because you might love to have a particular shade, but it could end up looking odd on your fingers. For example, you love light colors but have square nails. Using light colors on square nails highlights the shape further and looks out of place. Similarly, fair-skinned women should avoid extremely dark colors as their hands could look washed out. If you know what to avoid, you can choose the best Gelixir soak off gel polish colors to suit you the best.

Finally, Your Favorite Colors Should Overrule Everything Else

Last but not least, your favorite colors must have the final say, irrespective of the tips listed out above. It could seem a bit contradictory, but we live in a free age where every person has the right to voice her opinion. There are no better ways to announce your presence than wearing your favorite colors.

Final Words

When it comes to nail polish, there are no hard and fast rules. If you like a particular color, you can go ahead and wear it. No one can restrict you from doing so. Nevertheless, the tips mentioned above should help you make an informed decision. Finally, it is your decision that matters.