Kiara Sky Dipping Powder

Kiara Sky Dipping Powder – Easy To Master And Attractive At The Same Time

Applying nail polish on your nails is an art, especially if you do it yourself at home. Generally, people visit the nail salon for a gel manicure because the technicians are experienced enough to do a perfect job. However, in times of the pandemic, women prefer to have a manicure at home. Under such circumstances, you have to be ambidextrous. The best alternative is to go for a dipping powder job. The dipping powder manicure is easier to master than the gel polish job. Let us see how to get the perfect dipping powder manicure.

Get Your Things In Order

It is better to have your things in order before you start the dipping powder job. It is always advisable to use the best products available on the market, like Kiara Sky dip. Besides, you need the following ingredients for a perfect Kiara Sky nails manicure:

  • A sterilized nail file and buff
  • An empty bowl
  • Dipping powder of your color choice
  • Appropriate basecoat and topcoat application
  • Activator gel
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Cuticle oil

Prepare Your Nails For The Job

You have a nail manicure to look attractive. Hence, it becomes necessary to prepare your nails for the dipping powder job. Use a sterilized nail cutter and file to bring the nails to the desired shape. Smooth out the edges to avoid peeling of the nail polish layer, thereby enhancing its longevity.

Buff the nail surface to rough it up a bit to allow the basecoat to adhere to the nail. Use a delicate cuticle pusher to push the cuticles into their grooves gently. One should note not to clip the cuticles, as it can cause infections.

The Basecoat Application

The basecoat application is a crucial aspect of the dip powder manicure. The dipping powder sticks to the basecoat and not to the nail. Hence, it is essential to apply the basecoat as evenly as possible. While doing so, it is advisable to leave a millimeter gap or so at the nail base to avoid getting into the cuticles.

The Dipping Powder Procedure

One can follow two methods for the dipping powder procedure. The general mode is to dip one’s fingernails into the dipping powder bottle at an angle of 45 degrees. One should roll their fingers slightly to ensure that the dipping powder application is uniform.

Alternatively, one can take some dipping powder into a separate bowl and dip their nails into it. This procedure is hygienic as you will be the only person using the product. It reduces the chances of infections.

On applying the Kiara Sky dipping powder, you can dust off the excess application using a fine brush. If you require a thicker coat, you have to dip your fingers multiple times into the powder.

Before applying the activator gel that helps the dipping powder adhere to the basecoat, you should take care to smooth out the edges and ensure that you have a uniform application. The activator gel application is essential because it hastens the process of the dipping powder adhering to the basecoat.

 The Topcoat Application

The topcoat application is the final step in the dipping powder manicure. Use a high-quality compatible topcoat application over your dipping powder. It lends the required glow to your nails. If you love a glossy finish, you can apply a generous coat. A lighter coat can result in a matte finish.

The best aspect of the dipping powder procedure is that you do not use the ultraviolet lamp for curing the polish. It is a healthy procedure as prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation is harmful to your skin.

The topcoat application dries out within minutes. Hence, you get a perfect dipping powder manicure that can last for as long as three to four weeks comfortably.

Advantages Of A Dipping Powder Manicure Over Other Manicures

The dipping powder procedure is comparatively recent. Over a period, it has become popular as the ideal alternative for gel and lacquer nail polish. Dipping powder has its inherent advantages:

It is one of the most straightforward techniques to master. Hence, you have many people performing this procedure at home. It has proved beneficial during the pandemic as nail salons are generally closed throughout the world.

The dipping powder manicure lasts comfortably for three to four weeks without requiring a top-up job.

It is a harmless procedure as it does not use ultraviolet or LED lamps for curing the polish.

Kiara Sky dip colors look radiant and glowing because you use high-quality products for the manicure.

The dipping powder manicure is one of the most straightforward to remove. Keep watching this dedicated space to learn more about the dipping powder removal procedure.


Now that you have mastered the technique, you can proceed to have a DIY job at home instead of relying on nail salon technicians to do the job for you.